There are several ways to approach a remodel depending on a variety of factors. One route we find effective is outlined as follows;

STEP 1 - Free Assessment

At a scheduled time we will stop by and discuss the project. We establish a budget and explain the possibilities that fit your goals within that price range.

Free-Assessment Graphic

STEP 2 - Planning & Design

Initial designs are submitted for you to review. Once finalized, floor-plans and realistic computer renderings are created. Materials are set, finishes are selected, and a final contract will be drafted.

Design Graphic

STEP 3 - Scheduling

Coordinating with suppliers, delivery trucks and any required sub-trade(s) begins. We will schedule construction hours and establish work areas. Materials are scheduled to be brought to your doorsteps.

Scheduling Graphic

STEP 4 - Construction

The actual work commences, starting from any required demolition. Walls go up, fixtures get attached, HVAC/electrical/plumbing/tiling work is performed, and your conceptions are brought to life.

Consrution Graphic

STEP 5 - Conclusion

A final review with the client is performed and details are provided for maintenance and warranties.

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